Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Merriment

I thought I'd better take a moment to follow up on the Friday Blahs. I found lots of ways to recover, and I'm looking forward to a great week.

The weekend was wonderful. Saturday was spent hiking with the family. Although it was very humid, we braved the nature preserve and had a wonderful time. After the hike we built our own shelter out of bamboo poles and shredded fabric. End the day with ice cream and then date night for mom and dad and you have one awesome day.

Sunday night we huddled around my laptop as a family and watched Tim Hawkins clips on YouTube. We laughed until our sides hurt. It was a perfect end to the weekend. Here is our favorite clip of the night--although I think you should avoid/procrastinate doing whatever you are supposed to be doing by watching lots of others.

Our other favorites are:
Things you don't say to your wife
Lullabies and singing the wrong words

I also started a new blog for the facial features project. The first post is up on describing skin tone. I want this to be interactive, sort of like building our own wiki, but I'm not that computer savvy. So head over and let's build a list of words. Click HERE.

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  1. Cool, I'm glad you had fun. My weekend was eventful but not as nice as yours, I suspect.

    Thanks for the Tim Hawkins clip!



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