Monday, August 16, 2010

Goal reporting

You may (or may not)  have noticed that I put my weekly goals in the right hand sidebar. I figured it would be easier for me to remember what I said I would try to do if I could see it every day that way. Here is my report for last week:
  • I did go running--twice, oops! But I did other active things more suitable for this soupy southern heat. I ran in the pool, I tread water until I thought I'd drown, I even did flips off the diving board. doesn't that sound like more fun? 
  • I also wrote more than 500 words on 3 the pool. :D I love the pool, can't you tell? To be honest, it is killing me to not have the time to work on my new WIP. I'm very excited about the idea, and the research is making me even more excited. This week I spent hours mulling over the bad guys motivation. I really need to pin that down to make sure he is believable.

Since I still have a week and a half with all my children at home (they don't start school until the 25th! Good grief!), I will keep the same goals this week. Run at least 4 times this week, and write 500 words a day.

How did you do with your goals last week? What are your goals this week?