Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween and the scariest shirt I've ever seen.

Tonight is our region's Nanowrimo Kick-off party. I have some fun social games planned for those that come. Then we'll talk goals and plans to reach those goals while snacking on all kinds of goodies.

Since this is my 2nd year as ML for my region, I got a free t-shirt in the mail about a week ago. Now, I love Nano, but this is the scariest shirt I have EVER seen. There's a reason they can give these away. They probably got them for free from a t-shirt factory who realized the color was a big Oooops!

This picture doesn't look that bad, but pull out a yellow highlighter. That's what color it really is. It GLOWS!
It's cute on my little man though.
I did promise my Region I'd wear it to the party. I'll post pictures later.
In other news. We carved our pumpkins last night. There were some weird things taking place on our back porch. 
 The Midge.
And my hubby was getting friendly with the Pumpkin Princess!

How's that for random!?