Friday, October 15, 2010



I have some.

One week ago I sent my first 5 queries. I have another 5 going out today (I tried yesterday, but life was beating me over the head.) Not much has come of those first five. I received 1 form rejection. And it wasn't too bad.

Perhaps rejection will be kind to me at first since I don't have a "dream" agent. I think it will get harder as I near the end of my list of possibilities.  Maybe it was easy because I didn't really expect anyone to be interested in my book. *GASP!* I know, but I really am my hardest critic, and my feedback is mainly from family and friends. They HAVE to say its good. So, you know?

I have been participating in the Muse Online Writer's Conference this week. It is amazing! It will probably take me all year to read all the transcripts of great presentations. The best part was I did my first ever pitch session. I did two in fact and am scheduled for one more on Sunday.

It was nerve racking even though I was sitting at my desk in my house with my shoes kicked off. The smell of sweat filled the room as I tried to breathe and keep my heart inside my body. I can't imagine how stressful face to face pitches must be! The first session ended with a no, but I was given some really good advice on my pitch. The questions that were asked really helped me focus on the important points.

I rewrote the pitch in the few hours I had before the second run. Then I waited and sweat my way through another one. This time there was enough interest that they asked for a partial!

Ok, but it gets better. A couple of months ago I entered a contest on Karen Gowen's blog. I don't even remember the specifics anymore, just that I didn't win. However, the judge of that contest promised to get back to every entrant with some helpful criticism. I got mine on Wednesday. And she liked it enough to request the full manuscript!

That's when it hit me for the first time. This might actually happen. Maybe I really did it. I mean, I love my story, but someone who doesn't usually read sci-fi was pulled in enough to want to read more. I think I'm still in shock.

The realistic side of my still doesn't expect much because sci-fi isn't her thing, but it filled me with hope. Real tangible HOPE. It's the best feeling to have going in to Nano.


  1. Yummy!!!

    I sent out 6 queries last week (2 form rejections and one personalized), but haven't sent out anything since. I won a 10 page crit from Joanna Volpe (agent), so I'm waiting to hear back from her before I start up again (unless I have to do massive rewrites).

  2. YUM! pasta!

    Good luck on your queries!!


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