Friday, November 5, 2010

I Need Another Story...

Ok, I admit it. I think I picked the wrong project for Nano this year. What should be an easy world to fall into has let me down. All I can think about is a different story. The one I started during the summer and then set aside to prepare and write this month.

This morning this song was playing on the radio--One Republic "Secrets"

Do you think it's too late to jump ship and continue the other book. I know Nano is supposed to be 50K of a new novel, but no one's going to cut me a check at the end of the month for following the rules. And I keep saying make Nano work for you.

Yesterday I drove around in my van all day and wrote 0 words. So I'm still under the 4000 mark. It's not like I'm tossing 8-10K words away.

*sigh* It's going to be tough this year. I'm feeling the faerie story and I want to dig into revisions on Sendek. For some reason I can't let that one alone yet.

Somebody kick me.