Saturday, November 27, 2010

TMI Sunday, or how I pulled off 10K in a day.

Or not? Let's see how it played out.

8:00 am Wake up, go downstairs and set up laptop at the kitchen table. Eat and mix up a batch of brownies.
8:30 am Start writing--beginning word count 39,776
9:00 am Log onto Tweetdeck and say: "Today I try for the #10KinAdayBlogfest #amwriting, no #twitter or #facebook allowed. Going to finish my #nano #goal #wip" Then keep writing.
9:45 am Rest of family wakes up so I feed them breakfast and clean the kitchen a bit. Change pj bottoms to blue jeans, but leave on the top (my 2009 Nano winners shirt) for inspiration.
10:15 am Sneak over to Facebook and restock shelves and answer Cafe World item requests. Feel guilty and turn it off at 10:25 am.
10:25 am Eat one of those brownies slathered with failed peanut butter fudge (I didn't boil it long enough so it didn't set, still tastes great.)
10:30 am Write, write, write
11:25 am Get restless, go down and eat left over corn bread dressing and another brownie slathered with peanuty goodness.
11:45 am Write.
12:00 noon Open new document and work on resume because one agent wants one when I send in my full manuscript.
12:15 pm Get frustrated with formating issues and go back to novel. Write, write, write
1:00 pm Hear hubby calling to me from the back yard and go out to help bag leaves (about 15 of them!) 
1:45 pm Right hand is cramping from squishing leaves into the bags. Decided to put on a bra under my nano shirt. 
2:00 pm Eat another brownie a la peanut butter.
2:02 pm Brush teeth in an effort to avoid more brownies.
2:05 pm Sit down to write some more. Start this blog post instead.
2:15 pm Stop because it is time to go help clean the church (our congregation takes turns doing this to save on cost) Word count so far for today 4,675. Almost half way, a little worried. 
2:16 pm Try to round up family, end up sweeping the garage instead while hubby tries to teach 4 year old how to ride without training wheels.  
2:20 pm Wander back up stairs and open Scrivener again. Write a few words.
2:40 pm Actually leave to go to the church.
3:00-3:55 pm Clean church, set up chairs, etc.
3:55 pm Head to McDonald's as a treat for yard work and cleaning the church. On the way there, change to CiCi's Pizza, then Wendy's frosties and Little Caesars Pizza, end up at Red Robin. 
4:10 pm Walk into restaurant looking like white trash (leaves in hair from yard work, holes in kids pants, dirt on other pants, kids loud and obnoxious acting like they've never been allowed out of the house.) Try to look happy. Glut self on California Chicken Burger and fries.
5:15 pm Arrive home and try to convince boys to clean their room. Listen to them fight while opening laptop.
5:20 pm Check email, browse ten blogs in reader, convince self to open novel document.
5:30 pm Check Twitter but don't post anything.
5:32 pm Start writing.
5:45 pm Get sick of hearing the boys scream and fight over who is doing the least amount of work cleaning the room. Go to micromanage the event.
6:17 pm Return to room and hope that Hubby's return does not cause another break in writing. Start writing torture scene to work off frustration.
6:35 pm I've added 700+ words, but realize it is very quiet. Turn on Pandora and hope hubby is aware of whatever the kids are doing. First song is For You by Staind, perfect.
6:48 pm Hubby calls for help putting lights up on the house. Does he not realize it's dark outside? Current word count for the day--6307
7:50 pm Come inside with frozen fingers, but house is beautiful. Decide to warm fingers around a cup of hot chocolate and another brownie, or two.
8:00 pm Realize Hubby has not come inside. He decided to decorate the other side of the house, which I thought we had agreed to save until Monday. Make him some hot chocolate and stay inside.
8:14 pm Hubby comes in and I realize the heater is off in the house explaining why it's 62 degrees. Turn it on and head upstairs hoping to write. Upload pictures to computer instead. Discover the kids played with the camera and took 140 pictures of each other making funny faces and the TV shows they were watching.
8:25 pm Writing once more. 
9:00 pm Pause to rub 4 year olds back, and belly, and arms. Oops, Mom you forgot my neck. (It's his routine that I'm trying to break him of. I think it might be a bit odd when my teen age boy needs these things to go to sleep.)
9:10 pm Son is asleep, I continue writing. Like crazy. Eyes burning, brain turning to mush.
10:00 pm Talk with my hubby about an issue I have with the neighborhood Board. They think I'm a meanie so I try and explain myself as nicely as possible in an email. Can I count that in my daily word count?
10:15 pm Decide I've written all I can stand for the day. I want to go watch an episode of Lie to Me with my hubby and then go to bed. I add up the daily word count:
Not 10K, but a lot more than I would have written if I didn't try for 10K. Technically, a day is 24 hours so I can wake early and try to write before the 8am deadline. I might still make it. But, even if I don't (or didn't? I don't know which to use since I'm writing this Saturday night), here's my shiny new Nano word count:
Happy day indeed. Monday I'll post an excerpt in all its drafty roughness as part of the 10K in a Day Blogfest.
Now, to switch out these jeans for my pj bottoms.