Monday, January 3, 2011

Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine Blogfest

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Wow! Three blogfests in a row. Today is the Show me yours and I'll show you mine blogfest hosted by Summer Frey. 

Share an excerpt of your NaNoWriMo novel. All we ask is that you keep it around 500 words in order for us to read as many as possible. 

This was HARD! I have lots of new favorite scenes, but they were all too long, and too revealing. Since this Nano was book 2 in a series I have to be very careful what I pick to post. I can't give certain things away from book 1, right? That's why there is one spot of blanks ______. Just humor me. :) This was between 500 and 600 words. I tried! For anyone new, this is a science fantasy. The narrator is Talia and Landry is her husband.

Efrem took the first watch and I tried to sleep. We didn’t start a fire, but I used a bit of stored energy to warm myself from the inside. I had planned to let Efrem freeze, but I knew my anger was unjustified, so I lay my hand on his arm and let a little energy seep into him. His eyes opened wide as the warmth flowed in, and he stared as he pulled away.

I shrugged, wiggled under a bush, and tried to hide from his curious eyes, curling into a ball on my side facing the Controllers fortress. Although hidden by the leaves, I knew it loomed there. Unmovable, impenetrable, and as hard as the frozen ground I lay on.

Thoughts of Landry kept sleep at bay. Jaron once showed me how to seek out other minds while in a dream state. Now, I wanted to find Landry, somewhere inside all that stone. Would he be asleep? What if they were hurting him right now? I tried to push those thoughts out of my mind and rolled to my back.

The twigs and leaves blocked the sky from my view, and I was grateful. The constellations were all different, and I didn’t need to feel homesick on top of everything else. I stretched my legs and breathed slowly through my nose and out my mouth. It was an old trick I used to use after nightmares of my own death. My heart rate calmed and my muscles relaxed as I watched the cloud of my breath dissolve into the night. I closed my eyes and pictured Landry in my mind. Remembered how his mind felt when we were connected. Then I pushed my spirit out of my body and into the night.

All my emotions dissipated. “Jaron was right. Emotions stay with the body.” The analytical part of me knew this was good. They would not hinder me now.

Finding Landry was easy. Our magical bond was strong and my spirit self flew straight to him. He lay in a dirt cell three floors under the ground. A single torch set high on the wall illuminated the drying blood on his swollen face. My spirit self knelt beside him, tried to touch him and brushed air.

Bending closer, I tried to speak to his mind, but he had retreated to a small corner of his brain, much like my magic induced coma after ____ ____ ____. His walls were strong, and I could not break through. It would take days or weeks for him to heal himself this way. The Controllers would never give him that much time.

I lay beside him and rolled into his body, letting my dream self fill his limbs. The pain made me gasp. The smell made me gag. His broken ribs, punctured lung, and cranial bleeding fought for my attention against the smell of dirt, blood and human waste.

The stored energy from the sunrise seeped from my spirit into his battered body. It reacted greedily, soaking it in as his cells regenerated and then repaired the damaged bone and tissue. He didn’t regain consciousness, but I felt him slip into a more peaceful sleep.

My body pulled my spirit back and I woke with a startled cry.

“What is it?” Efrem whispered close by.

“Nothing. Nothing.” I choked back the sobs as emotions matched up with the images and sensations from the vision. At least I healed him. Perhaps it would give him an advantage when his tormentors returned tomorrow.