Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day Fun and Success

Now that the day is half way over, and my family is asking me, "what's for dinner?" I thought I'd post something on my blog. Ha! Nothing serious, just a quick note and maybe some food for thought.

First, I don't get any writing or much reading done when my kids are home from school. But today had some nice highlights.

  • I got to spend most of the day in my PJs.
  • My kids were happy to play in the snow and let me catch up on my google reader.
  • I got to chat with Elizabeth Poole twice online! And we are now facebook friends. :)
  • The snow is really pretty to look at from the warmth of my front room.
  • I got all the laundry washed, folded and put away.
  • The kids did all of their chores before 10am.
  • I went for a two mile run in the snow, and now I feel like I can officially say, I'M A RUNNER. yeah.
  • We are going to have breakfast for dinner, light a fire, and watch Funny Home Videos as a family.
I had some photos to go with these highlights, but for some reason my camera won't register on my computer. I think the usb cord has had it. Anyway, I also started building a Crusader's Castle out of paper. It's gonna take forever! I'll post pictures if I ever get the camera to work.

Here's a song that played during my run. The only phrase I latched onto was: I am fragile, but I'm strong enough, and I thought, that is so true for so many aspects of my life.

The lyrics to the rest of the song are awesome too, and I have to wonder at the story they are telling.