Monday, June 13, 2011


UPDATE: I forgot, but I have an interview up at Dreamer's Perch if you want to check it out. 

It's that time again. I'm spending more time trying to get "caught up" with my blog reading/commenting (and failing miserably!), searching for things to blog about, tweeting, and facebooking than actual writing.
A No Internet Zone is being enforced for the next two weeks. During that time I plan to:
  • Finish critiquing some chapters I have from MW
  • Critique a late submission for the Fearful Critique
  • Go through the critiques I've received and do some serious decision making so I can send Sendek to the slush piles of America and move on with my life
  • Go to TN to visit family
  • Get back into the running habit--2 miles each morning and 2 miles each night M-F
  • Start studying the Old Testament for my seminary class this fall (I'm going to need the head start!)
  • Try not to think about Girl's Camp and the kitchen (I'm saving that for July)
  • Go to Cub Scout Camp one day with my son
  • Hang out at the pool
  • When tired of Sendek, play around with Faerie Wings (aka continue to pin down my character arcs and motivations)
See why I need to unplug? You guys are so wonderful I can't tear myself away from you if I'm connected to the internet. I'm not moving myself forward, or trying to improve my writing skills by WRITING! Yeah, funny how that works.

I will be checking email. I'd die if it was complete internet silence! See you in two weeks! When I come back, I think it will be time for Follower Appreciation!