Friday, July 22, 2011

Seriously Cute and Memes...

Brooke gave me an award this week! Look I'm actually posting it the same week I get it. Isn't he adorable? Unfortunately, my hubby is allergic. *sigh* That means I'm going to pick a few people I think could give him a wonderful home at the end of this post.

I'm combining the award with the Meme Huntress tagged me with.

Motto? "Nothing, what's the motto with you?" No, seriously, I don't know if I have a set motto. Not a catchy one anyway.

My Life Philosophy is "Just smile and nod, just smile and nod." Why you might ask? Because people in my life tend to tell me all kinds of crazy things, do crazy things, complain about all kinds of crazy things, or just act plain stupid. The only way to survive when you have a personality that shines like a marquee flashing "Talk to me I'll listen to everything!" is to just smile and nod and continue plotting in your head.

Disclaimer: I actually do enjoy talking to all my friends even when they need to vent. So sometimes my smile and nod is really genuine. But when I've spent 4 hours straight and you are the fifth person to call/visit and complain--the smile and nod is automatic pilot and most likely I've checked out.

Some Treats or Questions:

What is your choice for a mid-life crisis dream car?
The Pontiac Solstice Roadster. There used to be a cool webpage where you could design color, interior and features. I played there for hours, but it looks like they are discontinuing the car. Such a shame cause I'd look amazing in one.

What do you get complimented about the most?
My infectious smile. I guess I smile almost all the time because people are always picking me in those "get to know you games" and saying things like, "I'm going to pick this lady over here because she's been smiling the whole time and it just makes me happy."

Oooo! I just had an epiphany. Wonder if I was checked out and just doing the smile and nod thing??? LOL, hey, I guess it really works.

How do you release your anger?
I slam doors and pout. I also bang pots around while cooking and sometimes I write scathing little scenes where my characters rip each other apart verbally or physically. I usually delete them when I calm down because I don't want to be locked away somewhere.

What are your favorite songs at the moment?
I listen to the following at least once a day right now.  
Comatose and Yours to Hold--Skillet
Evil Angel, Anthem of the Angels, Dear Agony, So Cold--Breaking Benjamin.
I just love Breaking Benjamin all around.

What are some of the new bands you are getting to know right now?
We are the Fallen and Red. So far I'm hooked.