Monday, September 26, 2011

This post brought to you by the supportive spouse.

Yes, my wonderful husband deserves this...
Supportive Spouse Award--Husband Edition
I had a wonderful weekend. It involved a lot of driving, around six hundred miles round trip, but it was well worth it. The reason hubby gets the award is because he let me do it, even though he didn't understand why it was important to me. 

Here's the day's timeline:
5am--wake, dress, eat, get girl's out of bed.
6am--leave for Columbia, SC with girls, hubby, and youth from out church for an activity.
10:30am--eat early lunch at Wendy's with large group of people. Survive straw fight and stray flying tomato.
11:30am--hubby heads home with friends, I fill our car up with gas and head for Woodstock, GA for Janice Hardy's early release party for Darkfall with my two daughters and one of their friends. Turn the radio up loud and sing for all we're worth.
1:00pm--stop at rest area for bathroom break. Wait twenty minutes for girls to decide what they want from the vending machines. Chase pigeons around the parking lot. Never did catch one.
Drive like crazy trying to get back on schedule. Shave off 8 minutes after driving another 100 miles. Listen to girls play the Alphabet game.
2:30pm--hit the first construction area on the edge of Atlanta. Take half an hour to travel 2 miles. Start to get frustrated. Girls start playing Sweet or Sour. (The waved at people in the cars around us. Those that waved back were sweet. Those that didn't were sour. I bet you wave the next time a stranger waves at you!)
3:00pm--Get up to 40mph, think we can make up some time.
3:15pm--move from lane 6 on far left to lane 4 in preparation for the next exit in eleven miles. While doing it watch the crazy lady behind me and chant, "stay in your lane, stay in your lane."
3:16pm--successfully switch lanes without incident.
3:16:30pm--hear a loud POP, look in rear view mirror and see the crazy lady had crashed into a car behind us. Think OMGosh! That could have been us. Thirty seconds earlier and it would have been us. Say lots of thankful prayers. Feel bad that I didn't stop to help, but scared of adding to the wreckage.
3:30pm--hit second construction zone. Feel like pulling my hair out and starting to hope that Janice is still at the bookstore by the time we get there. Think, "what if I drove all the way over here and traffic makes me so late I miss the whole thing?"
4:10ish pm--see the bookstore but can't figure out how to get there because of signs that say "no left turn" and it's on the left. Drive in circles a bit and finally get there. Look in the mirror and cringe at how I look and then realize I don't care.
4:15pm--walk in and see Janice and try not to act like a crazy stalker. You know how you feel like acting one way-A, know you should give people their space so you try to act another way-B, but come off looking completely-C...razy? Yeah, I think it might have been a bit like that.
4:20pm--pay for book and get it signed (plus to showing up late--no line?) Try not to bombard Janice with "do you remember me from your blog?", "you critiqued my story this morning", "I have such a blogger crush on you", "tell me all your deepest darkest secrets..."
Wander the bookstore, talk to some super nice people, talk to Janice some more, she agrees to do an interview for this blog (!), talk to some other friends of Janice's, buy 6 books total, win a prize basket!!! Yeah, how cool is that?
5:15pm--realize I have to leave, even though I'd like to stay all day. Drive, eat, sing to Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Daughtry at the top of my lungs with the girls to stay awake.
11:00pm--get home in one piece, happy, content, and glad I did what I wanted to do for a change. Even if it was probably crazy.

What did I get out of this? I want to be as cool as Janice and find cute places for book signings and parties. I want to be this relaxed and approachable. The fact that I got to share it with my girls made it even better. They are now reading The Shifter (first book in the series), and as soon as I'm done here, I'm reading my signed copy of Darkfall.

Don't worry, you can pick up a copy next week!

Coming Up:
  • I'll continue with the Rejection vlog series on Wednesday.
  • More questions from you, my wonderful followers on Friday.
  • Review of Darkfall/Interview with Janice on Monday (If she has time, she's got to be busy right now.)
  • Final rejection vlog next Wednesday.
  • Last questions on next Friday 
  • Pre-Nanowrimo posts after that. Yep, it's already that time of year again. Can you believe it?

Are you doing Nano this year?