Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick Notes

Sorry I bailed on a regular post today. The emotional turmoil of making a decision has me tied in knots and I can't think at all.

The good news is I have posts scheduled for the rest of the month. :) They are all on preparing for Nanowrimo, or just ways to get ready to write a new story/novel. This will give me time to prepare for Nano, post over at Unicorn Bell (next week), get my head screwed on right (I hope), and gather my thoughts to post all the great and terrible things I've learned this week at the conference.

Great? These things are going to make me a better writer.

Terrible? The perfectionist in me feels I need to apply them all to previously completed works. Head banging, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. JUST WALK AWAY ALREADY!
I pitch to one of my top pick agents in two hours and twenty minutes. I think I'm 8th in line.