Monday, December 19, 2011

Science Fiction or Fantasy? RL cool stuff

I don't have a Birth of a Novel Report for you this week. The file was opened several times, and then I would get distracted by other things. I did finish the short story and have had three people critique it for me. The plan is final polish this week (today or tomorrow) and then enjoy the holidays.

In fact, I'll have at least 14 hours in the van over the next few days and I won't be driving. Maybe I can finish that novel I've been avoiding? Until then, here are some of the things that distracted me.

Why can't my life be this cool?
And here are a few other "neat" things that have caught my attention in the last month. I blame them for the lack of progress on my #wip.
Heck, my space ship was ready a long time ago! This is what it looks like. My very own, one man space ship.
How about this? (Confession: I couldn't finish the new Tron movie. It just didn't pull me in, but the bike is cool.)
And finally, because Sendek is always orbiting in the back of my mind...

Don't forget to come back tomorrow and find out who won my Giveaway. Three prizes, three winners!


  1. I want that car!
    Hope you get a lot of writing done in the van.

  2. Oooh I can't wait to see who won your giveaway.

    I announce my $10 winner on the 22nd (but I already know who won).

  3. This was an unproductive week for me as well. I blame the holidays. Lots of baking and shopping and cleaning. No energy left for writing.

    I am sure when things calm down you'll be able to go back to the book. Don't stress about busy times like this. :D

  4. Don't think of them as distractions, consider it research. ;) Good luck getting some more work done!

  5. Lol, my distraction usually starts with 'T' and ends with 'witter'.


  6. coolness! love technology! no limits!

  7. Research, Charity. Call it research and that changes these finds into progress.

    Yeah, that should work. :-)


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