Friday, April 13, 2012

Art and Goal Reporting for April Week 2

Thank you for all your notes of congratulations. The last few days have been a wonderful high. I feel like I'm walking around with this expression on my face.
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with my artist friend Chris to talk about scenes he could draw up for a book trailer. Chris is amazing! I've only seen black and white pencil drawings, but I'm always impressed with his detail and the emotion he manages to get in the eyes.

We also talked cover art.

Now, you might be asking, Why would you do that? I learned that I could submit art for possible covers. It doesn't mean it will be used. But who knows?

Chris read an earlier version of Sendek (about a year and a half ago, maybe two) and I wanted to know what he had in mind. The coolest part was we both had the same idea for what the cover should look like. 

He has the next two days off of work and is going to work on the cover art. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about that. Even if its not used for the cover, I can probably use it on posters, post cards, bookmarks, etc.


Okay, here's my report for the week. I'm going to do this more often to keep me on track for my goals. Reporting = More done.

On Monday I posted the following:


There's a lot that I need to get done this week. To make sure I do what is the most important, I'm only posting on Tuesday and Friday this week. Yeah, today doesn't count.

  • Tomorrow is the 3rd Annual LDS Writer Blogfest, and I don't know what I'm going to write about.
  • I need to finish the last 150 pages of the edit I'm doing on Sendek.
  • I need to do a first chapter critique that I should have done last week. I got started.
  • Work more on the wip I'm critiquing. I'm on page 239/361
  • Finish Faerie Wings. No, really. Sendek has reclaimed my brain.
  • Finish the edit of the short story I plan to submit this month for W1S1. TODAY. This is my goal for today.
  • Come up with a short story to write for April. Maybe next week?
  • Laundry, taxi driving kids, cooking, maybe some cleaning, running (I'm getting fat!), and my early morning class. I'm going to miss those three and a half extra hours of sleep.
How did you do with your goals this week? What are your goals for next week?