Monday, August 13, 2012

Unicorn Bell, School's In Query Contest

I'll be over at UB all day long (mostly) for the next three weeks. There won't be anything new here until our big Query Extravaganza comes to an end at the end of the month. Please swing by and check out the great posts we have lined up.

This first week is a mini conference of sorts devoted to the query letter. What it is, why you need one, how to write one, examples of bad queries, and even some examples of queries that have garnished some full requests/deals for us.

There will be multiple posts per day, and we don't want you to miss any of it. You can also follow the Twitter Hashtag #QuerySchoolsIN to see each new posting.

Here's the schedule:

Monday, August 13th
5:00 AM The Purpose of a Query and How to Write One
9:00 AM Stalking/Researching Agents
1:00 PM Interview with Donna O'Brien
5:00 PM Bad Query Example

Tuesday, August 14th
5:00 AM Guest Blogger Matthew MacNish of QQQE
9:00 AM Researching Small Publishers
1:00 PM Interview with Sapphire Star Publishing
5:00 PM Queries that Worked

Wednesday, August 15th
5:00 AM Our Editor's Query Pet Peeves
9:00 AM Submission Guidelines are Your Friend
1:00 PM Interview with Andrew Buckley
5:00 PM Bad Query Example

Thursday, August 16th
5:00 AM Great Places to Read and Get Feedback on Queries
9:00 AM Formatting E and Paper Queries
1:00 PM Interview with Krystal Wade
5:00 PM Queries that Worked

Friday, August 17th
5:00 AM Queries that Worked
9:00 AM A Last Word on Research and Patience
1:00 PM Interview with Nancy Bell
5:00 PM Queries that Worked

Monday, August 20th
I'll post the information you need to submit your queries for critique to Unicorn Bell. All queries will go up on Tuesday and stay up for the week for comments.

Saturday, August 25th
I'll post the rules for submitting your query for your COMPLETED and polished manuscript for our agent judging.

Sunday, August 26th
The submission window for our agent judging will open at 1:30 PM US Central Standard Time. We are accepting up to 20 entries. You will receive an email confirming your spot in the Final Exam Week.