Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Liberated to Live the Dream

Last week Shauna, the new marketing guru for WiDo, said something very liberating to me. We were talking about platform building and I shared all the places I frequent online, including this blog and Unicorn Bell. Here's one of the things she said:
You’re covering your bases with your own blog and Unicorn Bell, which is good. However, your own personal blog should give more of a sense of who you are and your own writing. I’d be sparing with the writing tips, but more of the personal (because that’s fun and interesting), author interviews and reviews. The only reason I say that is because you already have Unicorn Bell, which functions more as a writing community blog and would be the better forum for the writing tips.
Why is that liberating? Because I often struggle to say something intelligent over here. If I do think of a good topic I want to save it for UB, but then I feel like I'm letting you guys down over here, even though most of the time what I'm saying is just my opinion or what I've learned by experience. That means it works for me but might not work/fit for someone else's writing journey. 

I know other people have covered it better, but I felt like I was SUPPOSED to write about how to write. This ties me in knots!

I started this blog as a journal, and then you came to visit. And stayed! I want to make sure I'm making your time here fun, comfortable, and worth your while. That's why I try and do some writing related topics.

But do you know what I enjoy the most over here? Journaling, book reviews, sharing your book covers, interviews, and BLOGFESTS! I so love those when I have the time. So, I'm going to make this blog more personal and save all the writing stuff I'm learning for UB. I'll make sure I announce it over here too, but if that's what you're looking for it'll be over there.

So my question for you today is:

What makes you stop to read a blog post when browsing through your google reader?

Oh! And tell me about all the blogfests coming up so I can sign up for some. ;)