Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birth of a Novel, Necklaces, and Moving

I'm writing this Wednesday night after a long day. The movers showed up at 9am and packed up my entire house by 2:30pm. They worked so fast, and I was so unprepared that by the time I thought of grabbing something to put in my van it was already packed.

Then we had several hours of saying good bye to various and dear friends. The last left our house around 10pm. The kids and I sat down and ate an entire container of ice cream and now they are all in bed. Tomorrow the movers will arrive at 8am and load everything into the truck. I'm estimating they will be done by 10am. I'll clean and then hope to head toward Tennessee and "Granny's House" by 1pm.

It's felt like a long week, but some fun stuff happened too. For instance, Sunday night my BFF came over to teach me how to make Talia's necklaces. 

I'm going to be giving away some of these as part of my book release in February! A hand-made by the author, no two alike, amethyst necklace inspired by the one Talia wears in the book. This is probably one of the things I'm the most excited about because I love tangible things!

And now for...

Here is my report on goals, and new goals for the week:

Last week:
1. Finish my short story for the UB anthology--I did turn in my woefully short piece for comments from the other UB gals. They had some great advice. Now I just need more time.
2. Get Scrivener set up with my outline for Search for Knowledge--I didn't get to this, but that's okay. I am moving. I did open Scrivener a few times. The first time I finished writing the first scene. I also had a scare because I couldn't find the notebook where I had written the outline down, but I found it eventually.
3. Have my house cleaned so I can leave Thursday night or at least Friday morning to head for my new home. (at least the moving company will do all the packing)--This is a bit ahead of schedule thank goodness.

This Week's Goals:
1. Get kids enrolled in new school
2. Unpack and get life back to a normal routine so I can write next week.

It's a good thing I let myself off the Nanowrimo hook this year. I would like to get settled and try for 20K new words on Search for Knowledge this month though.