Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Arlee and Algodova

Thank you Arlee for starting the A to Z Challenge! Sorry I took so long to join up, but let's have some fun now that I'm here. ;)

As of 6:00 AM US Central time, I'm #531--subject to change. ;)

Algodova is a kingdom ruled by a military monarchy. We'll discuss what that is and how it came about for the letter "R--Royalist", but today I just want to talk about the country's reach and some of the technology.


The kingdom of Algodova covers almost two-thirds of Sendek's land surface (which is slightly smaller than earth). It's borders encompass vast mountain ranges, forests, plains, desserts and sea ports. Although the citizens share a mono-ethnic appearance (that is never really spelled out other than brown eyes, dark hair), geography and lifestyle add much needed diversity.

The Magic Wakes (TMW) ventures into the mountains, cities and the forests. I hope to take us to the sea and desserts in a later sequel.


Algodova has focused their scientific research in three main areas: environmental harmony, medicine and military technology. Reaching the stars was not a priority until recent years and that's why their space program is behind the other tech. As part of the environmental push, cities are compact, dense, and tall. They build up instead of out to preserve more natural areas.

Sendek is a lot like earth, but they have a few things I wish we did:
Metabolizers--order food and there it is. When you're finished put everything in for recycling. No need to cook or clean and every member of your family can order exactly what they want!
Aeroflyers--these were needed to cut down on elevator and stair traffic. Many businesses simply added landing pads and doors to their 56th floor store.
Moving Zipways--This is a flat escalator or moving sidewalk like what we have in airports, but Sendek uses them on the land streets. Since there are no cars on wheels, you either take the walkways or an aeroflyer.
The Viewer Screen--it looks like the description of this was cut in the final edits, oops! Anyway, it's basically a HD plasma TV built into a wall that can be a variety of sizes up to the entire wall surface area. When it's not on the wall looks just like a wall and nothing else.
Military Grade Personal Shielding--This refers to Landry's belt that monitors life signs, links with the COM system and includes a multi-layered shielding device. Level one is an optical cloaking device, Level two also cloaks heat and life signs from sensors.

Goodness! This post is getting long, so I'll wrap it up with a question for you.

What bit of technology do you wish we had available to everyone today?