Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Chase Scenes and Charlie for IWSG

Today I'm covering the letter C for the A to Z Challenge and sharing a video that perfectly sums up my state of mind for this months Insecure Writer's Support Group post. :)

I love a good "seat of your chair" chase scene. That's probably because I see my stories as  movies playing out in my head. There are three chases in The Magic Wakes. Two are by foot and one sweeps through the air lanes of the city.

Why do I like a good chase?

We all run from certain aspects of our lives. As long as we are one step ahead of what hunts us, there is hope that we will escape the confrontation untouched. Sometimes we get away for a time, but unfortunately we can't run forever. At some point we must stop and face our greatest fears.

The three chases in TMW are Talia's attempt to escape the fate of her nightmares. In reality they are one big chase culminating in her facing her fears and making the decision to take her life back into her own hands.

City chase--This scene came about from a conversation I had with a beta reader and I have to say I really like it. I don't want to give too much away, but Edith made the following comment after reading an early draft.
"I kept waiting for her dream to come true."

*headsmack* Duh! I had this great dream driving Talia's fear. Of course it should come true! And where else should it take place but the city of her nightmares.

This scene is actually in two parts surrounding the air chase. It hits the zipways, alleys, a couple of buildings, elevators and glass hallways over streets.

Air chase--Landry is one talented pilot. During the invasion he tries to get Talia safely out of Joharadin before he goes to fight with his men. Unfortunately, the Dragumon are hot on their trail. It takes more than luck when a disruptor wave takes out Landry's engines. (I really want to see this one on the big screen!)

Forest chase--In a way, this is the conclusion to Talia's first foot chase. She's run and avoided her fate several times, but death still seeks her. It isn't until she's caught in Shishali's talons that she realizes what it's going to take to survive.

Today's question for you:
What is one of your favorite chase scenes from a book, TV show or movie?

And for IWSG I bring you Charlie from CharlieIsSoCoolLike--one of my few youtube obsessions. He's great, and this stream of thought from him mirrors my own at this time. Take it away Charlie!