Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Royalist

Way back at the letter A I promised to tell you more about my military monarchy. And then I searched all over my house for the research I did several years ago. Of course I couldn't find that particular notebook! If only I didn't prefer notebooks and pen to computer writing. *sigh* So, you'll just have to take my word for it that military monarchies are a real thing. I did find it somewhere and based my Royalists on it...actually, I think I found it HERE. It looks like a bunch of papers written by college students. :)

The components of this style of government include the support of soldiers to their leader instead of to their country (military), a direct line of succession (monarchy), and the appearance of a government that follows the state constitution in spite of the first two qualifications. ~Group : Kamela Culver
And that's exactly what/who the Royalists are. Algodova has always had a monarchy, but when the war with the dragons began (all over the creation of the Dragumon) the military grew stronger. So did the Signum (a group of advisors to the king). With all the conflict raging around him, the king felt it necessary to bind this military to him. With their support regardless of what the people wanted, he ensured his line would continue even after the Signum turned against the monarchy in search for it's own power.

My real question was this. How would you keep the men loyal to you when their families constituted the "people"? The answer? You take care of the people and let them believe they have some modicum of say in their lives.

In essence, the Royalists have maintained their power over centuries because the kings were good men who kept their people a priority. However, not all men are good and Algodova's run of good fortune is waning.

But you'll have to wait for book three to see the end of the Royalists.

What's a military without a sexy dress uniform? Since I can't draw, see the Dragumon post, I've found a design I'd use from online.

All it needs is to be navy and add the red military stripes and whatever medals. :) You know, this kind of stuff...

Do you ever spend hours designing the clothes your characters wear?