Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for World Building

World building. Believe it or not it's one of my favorite things to do, but then I cut so much of it out of my stories. Why? Because somewhere along the way I heard that people didn't want to read extensive world building and setting.

It's a shame really. I have all these amazing places in my head.

However, I finally realized something and I've made a decision. All those people with opinions read and write YA. Youth don't care as much about details like world building. However, I don't write YA. At least Talia's story isn't YA.

I'm traveling to a new planet in the sequel to The Magic Wakes and I'm going to indulge myself in my world building. And I don't plan on cutting it when I'm done with the story. I figure if I'm going to live my dream and write all of Talia's story, then I need to do it in the way that I experience it. And that means the worlds in my head.

You can look forward to a richer world in Search For Knowledge! More descriptions, sights, smells, colors and sounds. There will be a better developed government system and more science to mix with my magical world. And, the third side of my triangle will be introduced. Here's the complete tagline for the series.

Science, magic and religion...
Always at odds with each other,
But what if they originated from the same source?

Here are some great links to questions to help with your world building.
SFWA's Extensive Lists of hundreds of questions 

Do you enjoy world building or dread it? Do you prefer a book with noticeable world building or prefer it to be minimal at best?