Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zee End!

Whew! We survived an entire month of posting alphabetically. I stayed on topic for the most part, didn't miss any days, and enjoyed reading other posts.

My failure for the month came in the form of commenting. I read hundreds of blogs a day but didn't post comments as often as I should have. There have just been too many things going on in my life. The great thing is they are all wrapping up at the same time as this challenge.

I'm closing on my new home this week and moving in. By the time I'm all unpacked and settled the kids will be getting out of school. It will be the end of a very stressful few months and the beginning of a wonderfully busy summer. Most of you know how much I love spending the summer with my kids. That means starting in June my posting will be sporadic at best.

Zee End is never the end though is it? And even a slow posting schedule can bring about some wonderful things. I plan on getting back to reading and posting reviews as well as writing and letting you know how it's progressing.

If you need a tour stop or are just looking for a place to guest post, let me know and we can work something out. Feel free to email me at charity.bradford @ gmail.com.

What was your favorite part of the A to Z Challenge?