Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another New House and My First Craft Fair

We successfully moved into our new house over the weekend. Some wonderful men and 12 year old boys came and helped. They loaded and unloaded the truck in 2 and a half hours! I'll post pictures as soon as I'm unpacked and really settled. I hope there is no more moving in my future...at all!

The weather was not so accommodating this weekend. And. And I was at my first craft fair trying to sell books in this unbecoming weather. Let me set the scene for you. Two days before the fair the temperature was around 80 degrees and beautiful. We were hoping for a great turnout and lots of sales. This is what the first day of the fair looked like.

Yes, that's my tent flapping open with the bright blue on top. I shared some space with two other great authors--Tamara Heiner Hart and Michelle Pennington. They were also selling baked goods, which kept us full and happy in spite of cold toes.

Don't we look lovely? I never took my hood off so I joked that I was scaring customers away by dressing like a thug. Truth is not many people came by and we had trouble giving away our food samples. Weird!
My little area of the tent. On day 2 I didn't bring out as many books because they were curling up in the damp air. I made a poster of reviews to set out and sold a couple of Sendek inspired necklaces. (Do you see that gift basket? I still forgot to collect info to give it away. So when I came home one of my teens claimed the blanket. One of these days I'll get another one together and give it away on this blog.)

The weather being what it was--terrible--I'm quite happy with selling 5 books. However I bought 50 to sell! Guess I'll be setting up at the Farmer's Market really soon.

How was your weekend? What are your writing goals for the rest of this week?

Mine are to sit and write for an hour every day before unpacking stuff.