Monday, June 24, 2013

A Peek Inside and Writing Goals

Some of you have been asking for pictures of the inside of the house. With the kids home every day right now isn't the best time for picture taking if you know what I mean. However, there are three rooms that I have good pictures for.
The living room.
Another view so you can see the high ceilings and the great windows. I love the light!
 The dining room, which we always turn into the music room.
More great windows on the other side of the music room.
K's massive plaster mask that she worked 3 months on in 3-D Art.
I don't know why the camera went spotty, but we rearranged the bonus room today. Now it's more open and inviting for games and movies. In fact this morning I went in there and did the Dance Central game on the kinect for my workout. I love when the kids stay up late in the summer because I get to enjoy quiet mornings...until about noon!

Writing Goals:
With my computer dead, and the only option hubby's tiny Toshiba, I might be doing a lot of notebooking it this month. But that will be better than nothing. 

1. Re-write Earth 4 from a different POV. It's going to change the entire focus of the story and I'm excited about that. Then I will almost be finished with my short story anthology.

2. I MUST decide if Search For Knowledge is necessary. It's feeling very blah and I'm wondering if the approach is completely wrong. Maybe I need one chapter to get me from The Magic Wakes to what was planned as the third book in the series. Or, OR!!! Idea explosion in my brain! Keep the good and important parts of SFN and make it a series of short stories to get us to Battle for Sendek...wanders off to see if that would work... 

Oh! And my weight loss is now at 15 pounds. :D