Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to High School and the Second Sign

There are some things about my new town that I really love. For instance, they have this great way of starting the school year at the high school. They have a "back to school celebration" (or something, I don't actually remember what they called it) where the freshman go one day and their parents are invited. Then the rest of the school goes on another day--parents also invited. I love how they are trying to keep parents involved with their student's education at this level. Most places just give up on the parents at this point.

Friday I spent the day with my freshman. We went through a modified day where we got to meet all of her teachers, get the scoop on what to expect and of course find our way around the massive school. I'm telling you it's more like a junior college than a high school.

Today I'm back at school with my junior to do the same thing. It brings back some memories let me tell you!

Tomorrow all four of my kids will be back in school full time. I'm going to celebrate by putting together a resume, dropping off some applications and then writing the rest of the day. Who knows how much longer I'll get to do that.

In other news, I had another surprise book show up! The amazing Elizabeth Arroyo's The Second Sign!

So now I have two books to read and review in September. That's my goal. At least two books a month--read and reviewed. It doesn't seem like much, but I used to gobble up books. Now I'm so busy that two will be a great start. :)