Friday, September 27, 2013

Stellar Cloud Poll, Weight Loss and Search For Knowledge

What a long week! I don't even know what I've been doing to be honest. Well, whatever it was, I'm ready for the weekend and visiting with my mom and sister who will be here this evening.

On Monday Amazon gave away 130 copies of STELLAR CLOUD (with my permission) and now I'm just hoping one of those people will be brave enough to write the first review for it. I'm really curious to see what people think of these stories.

I also hope those of you who wanted a copy grabbed one. If you did, Yay!! After reading it can you vote for your favorite story? I've put a poll over in the sidebar ---> Some of these ideas might become full length novels one day (and they might not), and I'd love to see which stories people connected to better. Consider yourself my guinea pigs!
 *sidenote--There are some really disturbing pictures online if you google guinea pig images*

And....moving on.

Last night I finished the weight loss portion of the MRC program and am now slowly adding new foods as I move into maintenance. Here are the numbers.

Total pounds lost (Since May 3rd of this year)--21.25
Total inches lost--------------------------------32!
Total percent body fat lost----------------------5.4%

No wonder I feel so much better. I'm going to try and get a copy of my before and after picture for you guys. And for myself as a reminder of what I CAN do and how I'd rather look and feel forever more.

Yesterday I also started a new chapter one to Search For Knowledge. Yeah, it's back on the table! I finally figured out why I didn't like it, and how to fix that. The conflict was "meh". Then the solution hit me. It was so simple and LOGICAL! See, my crazy erratic emotions simply mean it takes me LONGER to reach rational solutions, not that it's impossible.

I had Talia and Landry going off to find Orek (Jaron's homeworld) in search of answers all by themselves. In my mind I thought it would be best to keep things simple character wise by not adding people to the quest. DUMB! There questions are way too important and affect an entire planet. What government would send just two people to retrieve such information?

Now there will be a handful of people going with them (all still to be fleshed out and named), and of course at least one will have a slightly different agenda than our heroes. This will further complicate the problems already waiting for them on Orek.

Don't you just want to tell me DUH! Simple, STANDARD even, kind of fix. Now all I have to do is find a new and fresh way to do it.