Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reviews of Stellar Cloud

I'm so excited that I now have 4 reviews for Stellar Cloud on Amazon. The little snippets of feedback are very interesting and I'm enjoying them. And right now they balance my hubby's feedback.

He finally started reading them over the weekend. His comments were as follows.

The Rising--"I didn't get it."
The Sleeper--"I can't believe you wrote something so smutty." (Which means once again he didn't get the story. Makes me wonder if I'm just not clear, but he doesn't read science fiction so I'm trying not to worry too much.)
And I guess the next one he read had 1 swear word in it. So he stopped reading.

Reviews like that really make you hang your head. All night I wondered if I needed to go back and add to them so it was clear what I meant and not what he thought I was talking about. Then I remembered the whole "trust your reader" and the fact that hubby was not my target audience.

And then today I got this lovely review on Amazon.
"I hate short stories, because there is normally no character development, no fully developed scene, and the tiny stories are trite and end abruptly. This collection, however, pulled me in. It seems as if this set of stories was designed to set you up in a wonderfully written world, with compelling characters and then you get to imagine the story however you want. Each story leaves you with a feeling that it ended in the correct spot, that anything more or less would just ruin it. While I would love to read more, I'm actually happy with them as they are."
~J. Brook from New Jersey
Now I feel better. My one goal, the thing I worked harder on with these shorts than anything else, was making them NOT feel like the first chapter of something larger. So this review makes me very happy.