Wednesday, October 16, 2013

School Visit Success!

At least I had a great time.

The funny thing is I think the first run through went the best. We had the most time for questions at the end and the teens asked some great questions. Here are some bullet points of things I learned. Some were surprises and some were not.

  • I worried about my clothes thanks to this post by Jen McConnel.
  • I had no trouble speaking for an hour and a half.
  • It is MOST DEFINITELY possible to be prepared with too much information.
  • Everything is better when the students ask the questions.
  • Out of about 90 students, NONE of them had heard of Goodreads.
  • All of them knew about Twitter and Facebook.
  • Once I got started talking I was very relaxed.
  • If I could make a living touring around and talking to teens about publishing and marketing I'd be really happy.
  • When asked to name an author, everyone they listed were with big publishers.
  • PowerPoint presentations are a lot of fun.
  • My book trailer did it's job.
  • Donating a signed book to the teacher's personal classroom library can make you feel really good.
There hasn't been any writing all week, I'm digging in for the rest of the week. 

See you on Monday!

Until then, here are more cute puppy pictures.
 Chewy sleeping on the couch.
 You know you want to hold me!
 The dogs playing ball with out pet dragon. 
Another contortionist sleeper.