Monday, November 11, 2013

Zak Whittington's Designs

This post is a shout out to my amazing cover artist for STELLAR CLOUD, Zak Whittington. Here's a reminder of what he did for me. I added the "A Short Story Collection", and that's why the font is different.

Here's what you need to know about Zak from his own words.

I am a freelance Graphic Designer from Nashville Tennessee. Most of my major influences are from Photography and Illustration. I am an avid film fanatic, and total comic and gaming nerd. Hobbies include sketching like crazy, taking photographs of anything and everything, and adding to my ever expanding comic and toy collections.

I am currently a freelance designer working locally at the moment, but willing to expand my client list to a nation wide basis. I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with BFA in Graphic Design, and a Minor in Illustration. There I also studied Painting, Photography, and Book Arts and consider myself well versed in all. Illustration is where my heart truly lies, but I really enjoy Design and Photography as well.

And I know from personal experience that he's a Bears and Batman fan. How? Well, here's what he wanted for a Groom's cake at his wedding. (He married on Holloween, thus the orange, and the shapes are Chicago Bear's Blue even though they look black in the photo.)

Now, here's the info you want and need if you're self-publishing or just want to offer an artist suggestion for your publisher.

You can check out his portfolio HERE and on his Deviant Art page.
Really, go check out the variety of his skills. He can probably match almost any look you're going for between his photography, digital designs and illustrations.

His rates are $45/hour plus the cost of artwork if he has to buy stock photos.