Monday, January 27, 2014

Sickness and Trudging Through

Well, I've reached the end of my pre-scheduled posts. They came in handy while dealing with the general sickness at my house this last month. Seriously, someone has been home sick almost every day of the last three weeks. I've managed not to get the full blown illness, but have trudged through life with a migraine and bouts of nauseousness.

Right now I'm feeling lucky because I hate throwing up, but I'd like my normal life back please.

As for writing. There have been days of many words.

And days of just a few.

However, I've kept with my goal to write something every day but Sunday. Sunday's are just TOO busy!

I know I shouldn't laugh, but it made me happy to elicit such emotion. Now I'm going to need to find some middle ground though so my future readers don't chuck the book across the room at chapter 2. *hangs head* I know I shouldn't be revising the front half while still trying to finish the story, but I just can't help it! I have mapped out most of the scenes to the end, so with any amount of luck and sheer determination, I WILL finish it this month. I have to.


Because Talia is poking me to start revisions on her second story. I think I'm so relieved that something is written that the excitement to revise is doubled. Revising is so much easier for me than drafting. The problem is I enjoy it so much that I would keep doing it forever. Once I finish the draft of FIM once and for all, I'll give myself a deadline for the first revision of Search For Knowledge. (I'm still working on the pinterest board for SFK. It's harder to find images close to what's in my head!) Then I'll send it to my wonderful betas.

So get ready! You know who you are. I hope! If not, you may be getting a surprise.

After I revise according to their comments I'll get it to my critique partners for more tightening before submitting it to WiDo. At this point I doubt I'll make their 2014 releases, but I'm hoping to get in by summer of 2015. *fingers crossed*

I've got to get a move on it!

How is your writing going this January? Been sick and just curled up in bed?