Monday, February 17, 2014

High School Writing Contest with Opportunity for Feedback!

*sigh* Life is angry making at the moment. My family is on day 5 of no hot water and the home warranty company could care less. In order NOT to grumble too much about that, I'm going to focus on something I enjoy doing and see a way to improve on my participation in it.

Here's one more plug for the...

Imagination Begins With You High School Short Story Contest

I've been a judge for this national short story writing conference for a couple of years and wanted to make sure you knew about this opportunity. The deadline is March 15th to enter, the winner gets $250 and their high school library gets $50! You can get the submission guidelines at

Although I can't help with the writing, after the judging is over I will gladly look at your story with you or your high schooler and tell them where I would have placed it in the hundreds of stories I get to read. We can then talk through email or Skype about their writing and discuss ways to make it stronger.

Why would I do this?

Because last year I read tons of really great stories. These teen authors are way ahead of the game and I felt bad that if they didn't win they would have no idea how good their story might have been. You see, I think I'm the only judge drawn to the science fiction side of things, and sadly I get out voted. That doesn't mean the story wasn't amazing, it's just for a different audience.


So I want to give encouragement to those who just wonder, "Why didn't I win? Was my story that bad?"