Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Storm #3, Hallucinations and Goals

Well, yesterday brought on winter storm #3 for NW Arkansas. You guessed it, no school today. In a way it's nice because I got to sleep in this morning. Yesterday was another long, sick child at home day.

Usually my family doesn't get sick. We really don't. Or at least we haven't. This year however, it's all catching up to us. Someone has been sick for the entire month, with just one or two random days respite. Yesterday it was my youngest son, age 7. When he's sick he is SCARY sick. Fever brings on hallucinations, and we just never know what he's going to say. For example:

He's laying quietly on the couch before jolting up, hands outstretched, screaming.
Me: "C, what's wrong?"
C: "It's Allen's brother!" (we don't know anyone named Allen, but C's middle name is Allen so does this mean he's talking about his older brother?)
Me: "Who is Allen?"
C: "We're all going to die! Allen's brother is the murderer!" (does this mean C is the murderer?)

I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was really freaky. He slept on the little couch in our bedroom last night, feet hanging off the front and dangling near the floor. I put him back on twice in the night.

What are my goals on this Monday snow day?

  • Help the kids clean and disinfect the upstairs (you have NO idea!)
  • Fold the pile of laundry in my room
  • Pull out Search For Knowledge and get ready to REVISE!! 

I'm so excited about the last one, but I bet it has to wait until the kids go back to school.

What are your goals for today?