Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bathroom DIY

For years I've been telling my sweet  hubby that he needs a hobby. And he always says he'd feel guilty spending money on something that takes him away from our family even more than work and church obligations already do.

Well, he's finally found something not church or work related that makes him fill happy. He's a creative sort like me and he just needed an outlet.

Craig's List + Pinterest = Happy Hubby

Seriously, I think he's addicted to finding free stuff (or really cheap) on Craig's list, "flipping them" and then making money off of it. Think almost $400 in the last while from stuff we got for free and then fixed or just painted. His latest find really made my bathroom a wonderful place to relax. 

He found a place that sold pallet wood for 10 cents a board. We picked it up in the rain, set them in the garage to dry, and then laid them out to get a good mix of light and dark boards. 


 The first line goes up.

Time for more math... 

 Almost done! We love it so much. This part of the project only cost us $7!

A fresh coat of paint to lighten it up and make the wall pop. 
We will need a few accessories and re-stain the vanity, but I think it's almost perfect. 

After a day of being creative in a more visual (and physical) way, I settled in to work on my writing. There are a few last minute tweaks to FIM and then back to big revisions on SFK. It just feels good to be working on it again.

How are you doing? Working on a home project? Getting ready for Nanowrimo