Monday, January 26, 2015

Thinking about the A to Z Challenge?

Today's the day! Head over to the website and sign up for the Blogging A to Z Challenge! If you haven't heard of it, where have you been! No, seriously. :)

Okay, the challenge is to blog every day in April (except for Sunday) starting with A and ending on Z. Some people do it backwards, but some kind of order helps.

We were asked to give some tips to anyone who might be new this year:

1. plan ahead and schedule your posts so you can visit and enjoy the month
2. pick a theme you will have fun sharing
3. keep it short and simple
4. if possible, ask a question to encourage comments

I've been thinking about this year's A to Z Challenge since May of 2014. Last year I planned on doing X-Files for my theme. Unfortunately, I'm only half way through the show on Netflix. There are still 5 seasons to go and I just can't finish before April. My thought is all or nothing. How can you adequately cover something you haven't watched all of in a long time?

So, I've chosen a new topic.

Science Fiction Movies from the 80s!

Here are my rules for what I'll cover.
  1. It has to be science fiction or fantasy from the 1980s 
  2. It has to be a movie I've personally watched (most of them in the 80s when they came out)
As I made my list I revisited lots of favorites. Some silly, some scary and a bunch that fell somewhere in the middle. My goal was at least 2 movies per letter. There were some letters that I couldn't find (or remember) a movie from the 80s so I chose one from the 70s or early 90s. Hey, you do what you've got to do.

There are many of my "favorites" that didn't make the list because of the restrictions I set. If I could find 2 movies from the 80s I used them instead of the ones I loved. Rules, sometimes I try to follow them. ;)

(I may throw in a bonus paragraph every once in a while to highlight my new novel FADE INTO ME that was released last week.)

Hope you'll join me in April to revisit some great and some not so great movies. 

What are you blogging about in April?