Monday, May 18, 2015

Difficult Things Make Us Stronger

Well, some how we all survived! It was a day of conflicting emotions to say the least. I know I thought I was ready for my oldest daughter to graduate, but as I stood there watching the graduates walk into the arena it hit me.

My first baby was closing the door on one stage of her life and entering a new one.

Did I do enough? Was she prepared?

It's much easier to think of all the ways I might have failed her. I'd rather take the blame if things don't go as smoothly as she'd like. However, in the end I have to accept that she has her agency to choose her path in life.

I hope and pray she finds a path that will be fulfilling and joyful for her.

Many may never know how difficult it was for my daughter to walk across that stage. She hates crowds. She hates attention. She struggles with OCD and anxiety and this was a disaster waiting to happen.

She had to dig deep to find the strength to survive her own graduation. I hope one day she will understand the lesson we were trying to teach her as parents by making her attend the ceremonies.

Life isn't always easy. It's often scary. Sometimes the fear can paralyze us, but if we get up and try, we really can accomplish anything we set our minds to. The trick is in trying every day and never giving in to those things that make us want to hide.

Kiah, I'm proud of you!

After graduation we went out for lunch, then out to a beautiful spot in a nearby town. This memorial chapel is one of our favorite spots and Kiah agreed to take some senior picture with George. Yes, she named her viola. :)