Friday, July 24, 2015

Birth of a Novel Week 7

Week 7

  • Every Friday post a quick update on how you're doing on your writing projects. 
  • It can be combined with Camp Nano or whatever personal goals you've set. 
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  • Then visit the others in the list to encourage them to keep moving forward. 
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Is it really sad that I started this meme and am the first one to completely fall apart? I hope everyone else is getting more accomplished on their writing goals than I am. 

In an attempt to find the positive, here's what I did writing related this week:
  • A lot of thinking about two of my story's plots and character motivations
  • Wrote about 1200 words on the romance novella
  • Did some marketing research
  • Interacted with other writers (hey, it counts!)
In other news, we close on our fixer upper today. I've already charged the camera so I can record our first moments of demo for you. :) Let me tell you, we are all excited to take a whack at some walls and a particularly ugly kitchen. Let's hope it goes better for us than this guy...

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