Monday, July 6, 2015

It's finally Monday!

Normally I love Monday. Yeah, I'm weird like that. However, when you've promised your husband you'll try really hard not to write on the weekends...

Anyway, it's finally Monday morning. I have chores to do, but then I'll get to dig into my writing world again. At the end of last week I heard back from my publisher. Allie's suggested I tweak the beginning a bit and reintroduce my characters. It's been two long years after all since we last saw Talia and Landry.

The best part about this suggestion is that two of my critique/beta readers said the same thing. So, I've already been working on that, as well as blending the two parts of the book together better. I'm planning on another two days of combing through to make sure all the new additions are smoothed in nicely and then I'll send off SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE 5.0.

I'm also doing Camp Nano. Sort of. I had already started two new manuscripts, but I'm hoping CN will push me forward faster. I can't do two years before Talia's next installment. Not with the way I leave things at the end of book 2.

Are any of you doing Camp Nano? Look me up--Solstice1974

Also, it's my week on Unicorn Bell. I'm talking about character development, world building and other important writerly stuff.