Friday, July 31, 2015

Remodeling Update

The Bad
1. I hurt! I don't think my feet will ever stop throbbing.
2.  Our roll-out was promised early Thursday morning (for a huge cost mind you), but it didn't show up until this morning (Friday).
3. We still can't get an electrician to call us back. We've tried 5 of them now. Everyone is busy, and I guess the two who came out to give us an estimate were scared off?

The Good
1. My family is AWESOME! They are all working super hard to make this place our own.
2. My husband is THE man! Seriously, who knew he could do all these things?
3. All the trash is out of the house
4. The closet wall is rebuilt--my awesome hubby and I did it ourselves!
5. The kitchen ceilings have been scraped
6. The big room ceilings look just fine with a new coat of white paint (we decided not to kill ourselves scraping it)
7. All the tile, linoleum and carpet is out of the two main living areas
8. We are not getting out of bed early tomorrow. At this point we just hope we CAN get out of bed. LOL
9. There is a new fridge in my mom's apartment area
10. Even after buying my hubby a few new toys, we've saved a ton of money doing everything ourselves.
11. Floors are scheduled to be delivered next Wednesday

Best of all, I think doing it as a family has brought us closer. Instead of sitting around the house this week, my teens have been working. And they like it! There's been no bickering (other than about who's turn it is to do something), and they've been helping each other. I love it!

Here are a few more pictures.
The boys' room
The driveway has been pressure washed
As soon as the pile of trash was loaded into the dumpster we started on carpet and tile.
After scraping some more ceiling, daughter #2 had her dad "wash" her hair.
Son #1 and a friend helping us shift some of the debris in the roll-out. I was terrified they were going to step on a nail. Luckily, there were no injuries here. 
With the trash gone and ceilings scraped, we decided to try to rebuild the closet wall ourselves and save some money.
It fit perfectly the first time! We were surprised because it seemed so easy. I guess years of HGTV and DIY were worth something after all.
After a 12 hour work day, our new wall had to hold us up!