Monday, August 31, 2015

Substitute Teaching

I had big plans to sit and work on real blog posts for this week. Then I struggled to get out of bed and wake my kids for school. Two minutes after the last one walked out the door my phone rang. Cue the jitters. Only one person calls at 6:30 AM.


Now, I signed up for this so I shouldn't dread those calls, right?? It's just my bed is so comfy that early in the morning. :) Anyway, I sucked it up and answered the phone. The good news is it was for a cushy job today. I'm subbing for the technology teacher. She didn't leave any lesson plans so we are playing computer games. You can't beat that!

I did require them to read a book on TumbleBooks before going to or other fun site. I was even wicked enough to make them wait until the last 15 minutes of class before playing Animal Jam. Yeah, I'm so tough!

Totally kidding. For those of you who don't know, all the "educational" games these days are fun. Kids are playing math games and other stuff that builds skills, and they think they're having a free day. At the end of class we played a version of Simon Says with the parts of a computer.

I can't complain. Of course, after this free time I have a kindergarten class. That might bring me to my knees. 24 kids that have only been in school for 2 full weeks. With computers. Pray for me!