Friday, August 7, 2015

Writing and Working

What a week! Work on the house has slowed, sort of. There's still tons to do--sanding walls, ceilings, cleaning all the dust from every surface of the room, painting, etc.

Here's the rub. Lowe's came to deliver the tile for the floor but couldn't leave it. They could have, but I didn't think leaving it outside unguarded for 9 days was a good idea. So, it doesn't look like we will be moving into the house before school starts. It's frustrating!

Here's the good news. We finally had an electrician call us back. He spent two hours taking notes on the wonky outlets and circuit breakers in the house. Now we wait again. Hopefully, they'll get a quote to us soon and put us on their busy schedule.

The other good news?

I actually got to write this week. The draft of my Valentine story is up to 7000/20,000 words. And my 16 year old daughter gave them a thumbs up. :) She's become my sounding board for anything slightly romantic. She's a Pride and Prejudice junky so I trust her judgement. It always feels good though when she bounces in the room and tells me I have to keep writing.

This weekend will be dedicated to cleaning and painting. That should free up more writing time next week.