Friday, September 25, 2015

Garfield Shindig 2015 and Kitchen Update

I've got a booth at a local craft fair this weekend. It's their first year trying this out. Today half the vendors didn't show up and that made it hard to draw in buyers who drove past. However, I still sold three books. I'm pretty happy with that. Tomorrow will be better since the rest of the vendors "should" be there. We'll see. Saturday's are better anyway.

You can see hubby's cabinet doors that have been turned into chalkboards and coat hangers. My daughter is also selling those rubber band bracelets. She sold 12 of them!

And, in spite of all the subbing, there is a little work going on at the house. Remember the first day? Pre-demo?

Well, here's what it currently looks like...

I now have countertops! We just bought some cheap laminate until the other house sells, but it's nice to have space to work. I can prepare the meal here, then carry it through the laundry room to my mom's side to cook it. Together we have a complete working kitchen. :)

Everything is at a stand still now until we sell the house. Hopefully I can post a picture of a completed kitchen before Thanksgiving. *fingers crossed*