Monday, December 28, 2015

It's The End of 2015!

2016 is almost here. What will it bring? What did we really accomplish in 2015?

These thoughts have been going through my mind for weeks. October was great for getting back into the writing habit. Unfortunately, it was followed by November and December. I seriously had an emotional break down. That's why you haven't seen me online for almost two whole months.

I'll talk more about all that for IWSG next week. Today, I simply wanted to say hello.

I've missed all of you.

My goal is to get back into all the things that make The best part is my family seems on board with that. Here's some of the awesome things they did for me for Christmas.

My very own Adipose to encourage my fitness goals.

And a sunny yellow writing desk for the sunroom, just for me!

My hubby used his new birthday present to carve my name into my desk.

This side says The Magic Wakes...

And Fade Into Me
My husband was worried I'd be disappointed that he refinished something off of Craig's List instead of buying something new from a store. Why are men so silly sometimes? THIS means way more to me than anything he could have bought at a store. It took thought, time, and a lot of work. It's made me feel like I'm supported in following my dreams, even if he doesn't understand the underlying need. Everything about it is ME. :)

So, come back on the first Wednesday of January to see my reflexions on 2015, goals for 2016, and a few confessions in the process.

Oh! I almost forgot, I'll also be giving away free copies of audio versions of Stellar Cloud and Fade Into Me. They are now available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon.

Now I'm taking my adipose to the gym!