Monday, May 22, 2017

Twice the Fun, Twice the Websites

Well, the original plan was to release my new novel in November. However, I made the mistake of working on it one night when I was really tired and instead of leaving the finished project sitting in Createspace as a draft, I accepted the proof. It's been a while and I'd forgotten that publishes the book. Everything was done and ready, so I decided to roll with it.

Introducing my new alter ego.

River Ford

Hallmark Movie, Clean Romance

Kerri Manning returns home with only one semester of college left. She's in pain and trying to figure out what to do with a diagnosis that will change her future. It's hard to dream of happiness, but the new guy in town manages to make her laugh. Can she take a chance he'll stick around?

Eric Hunt is an up and coming sculptor who has grown tired of his fake friends in New York City. He finds himself in the small town of Eureka Springs looking for the passion he used to have for his art. Could Kerri be the inspiration he needs?

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