Thursday, April 23, 2020

Loose Leaf Author Podcast

So, the Patreon thing is a really slow project. In actuality, it feels like banging your head repeatedly against a wall. I'm putting in more work over there than I have on this blog for the last two years, and yet it's crickets. I was really hoping for a sense of community more than even having a set income I could depend on for editing and cover art.

Yeah, another author clued me in that is never going to happen. He has over 200 subscribers after two years, but he says they all read the posts in their email and don't visit the Patreon page. So, no comments is normal. At least he has subscribers.

Anyway, I had started a podcast to post for my subscribers. There's a big learning curve for me, but I'm finding I enjoy it. However, that's a lot of work for 8 people to listen to. So, my podcast...
...The first four episodes are up. My Patreon subscribers will continue to get the episodes a couple of weeks before they go live for the public. I know it is searchable on Apple Podcasts, CastboxSpotify, and Google Play.

For some reason, episode 4 is listed first. I've gone in and changed the date of publication in the metadata and it didn't fix the issue. Anyway, you'll see I started more natural, freaked out because I would forget to talk about things I wanted to, and then moved toward reading everything. Fast.

Yeah, kiss of death. I want to go back to a more natural format, but I feel weird talking to myself. So, this week I'm going to record conversations with my kids on how life has been different the last two months as well as some of their favorite things. It should definitely make it more interesting.

Check it out, subscribe (it's free!) and then send me comments on what I should talk about. I'd love to interview other authors once I figure out how to do that over the phone with decent sound quality.

So much to learn!