Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decisions and Smells

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Last week I shared my surprise email with you. I spent a lot of time thinking about it. After sending my questions off to the publisher, and receiving the answers on the same day, I've come to a decision. The idea of a small publisher is provocative. They have the time to work with me, and I think in the long run it can be just as successful a book as going the more traditional route.

However, I've only been querying agents for a month. In my heart, I really want to give the traditional way all I have before I look at the alternatives. I'm VERY grateful I have alternatives. It takes some of the sting out of rejection. Well, a tiny bit of it anyway.
Found on Google Images. Doesn't it sum up the query process? You can't tell if it's breaking or mending.

My plan is to go through my agent list. If at the end SENDEK has not found a home, I will start looking at the great small publishers out there. The one I've talked to will be at the top of the list.

All right! In other news, I need YOU, my writerly friends to help me with a Smell Thesaurus that I'm putting together on my other blog Descriptive Faces.
Choose one or two of these smells and come up with as many words you can think of to describe it. It would be great if you also gave an example of it in a paragraph of your writing.

If you are willing to help out, sign up in the comments so we can keep track of what smells are taken so we can cover all of them.

Do you have more we can add?

I'll start posting them on the Descriptive Faces site with credit given to you and with a link to your blog.

a winter morning
an onion
Stinky feet
a hospital room
the school cafeteria
a fall day
apple pie fresh out of the oven
a spring breeze
a house on fire
a body on fire
wet dog
the inside of a new car
a house where 10 cats live
a man passed out drunk
the smell of cigarette's on someone's breath
a locker room
a party
a restaurant (depending on type of cuisine)
booze breath
the first day of school
the beach

Ok, I have to post this picture that I found while looking for the nose picture.
And you thought your job stunk!


  1. Ooh this sounds a little like my January 'Now Showing' Blogfest. I think it's a fab idea. :O)

  2. Ew ew ew! I'm going to go throw up now because of that pic.

    I was just about to go eat lunch now too. Thanks, Charity!

    But it's good that you made a decision regarding that email last week. Hope it all works out.


  3. What a stinky idea!
    And I didn't realize finding a publisher instead of an agent was considered alternative.

  4. Congrats on your decision!
    That job would seriously suck!!

  5. There's a saying when you walk into the gym: Check your pride at the door.

    In the gym, that means you shouldn't try to show off by lifting a bunch of weight. We all have our own level. Stick to it and don't get cocky, else you'll get hurt.

    That's true in writing, too. Check that pride. ANY publication is PUBLICATION! Small. Large. Mega. Mini. Self.

    It's published.

    I personally have no pride in the gym nor in my selection of publishers. I do approach writing like I do any job, though. I ask for freedom (I don't survive under micro-managers), a professional relationship built on trust and good nature, my share of the booty, and clear expectations.

    Puppy dog breath is my favorite smell. I go "home" with a dozen black-lab mix puppies rolling over me and my brother beside the front porch, with mommy-dog (Bandit) whimpering at all her babies, me and bro included in that mix.

    Smell, you know, is attached to the most primal part of the brain. I still remember how it smelled my first day of kindergarten.

    - Eric


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