Monday, December 12, 2011

Birth of a Novel and Debate

Thank you to all who made a guess about my MCs age as part of the blogfest last week. It was fascinating to read the reasons behind the guesses. I was quite pleased that most of you said the age read as around 17 even though a wedding was involved. They are 17! The wedding is not a normal thing for characters this age and I knew that would throw some of you off.

And, to answer another confusion--the wedding is on the same day as graduation. It's a point that really frustrates Ry.

Now, on to the weekly report!
Title: Faerie Wings
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Current Word Count: 33,671 up 3000 from last week.

Last week was a slow week for this WIP. I managed to carve out two more scenes, but I kept getting distracted by another idea. I'll share that in a minute. I also went back and fixed one scene that was bugging me, and I keep revisiting the beginning. But, I'm working on finishing at the same time.

My writing distractions were two fold last week.
1. My short story Fallen Angels has burst into full color action in my head. That means its really hard to ignore. I'm re-writing it and hope to finish it this week, get it to CPs and get it ready to submit by January. This is something totally different for me. Male POV. Yeah. I'm gonna need some male CPs for this one. Michael? Alex?

2. I spent a lot of time debating with myself how I want to develop Faerie Wings main character. It's been suggested to me that she is a bit passive. True. My first drafts usually are, but I don't know how strong I really want her to end up.

Q4U: Does every female MC have to be a kick butt, angry, snarky, fiesty, completely confident, no nonsense kind of girl? Can a strong female lead also be feminine, insecure, unsure, reluctant?

Where is the line between realistic and just down right annoying?

Ryanne is not Katniss. But I don't want her to be Bella either. I personally like the idea of a normal, insecure girl who has to dig deep to find she's more than she ever dreamed.
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However, there must be glimpses of that more from the beginning. This is what I think my CP was getting at. The steel of the hero's spirit needs to glimmer here and there before being completely unsheathed.

What do you think?


  1. Knew I'd miss the age.
    I think a female lead can be those things.

  2. Agreed. Every character development is like that. For readers to buy into any change a character goes through, there has to be reason to believe the character is capable of that change.

    Personally, I think female character need to have feminine qualities. Else, why not just make them male? Even the kick butt ones should have a softer side.

  3. Yeah, that's the word, 'glimpses'.

    Under the velvet, there is a steel bar. But it isn't immediately apparent.

  4. A female can be strong and confident but she should also display other characteristics or she'll be two-dimensional. So I encourage you to follow your heart and create your normal girl who can smile and be feminine while also holding within her the ability to take of business when needed.

  5. I can't do any writing at home because all that I want to do is play Skyrim. It's so good.

  6. It could just be but I like books about normal girls, and I like to write about normal girls.

  7. And you know if you had an insecure male MC he'd be "sensitive." Let a girl have an emotion and she's weak...

  8. I am grappling with the same issue myself. My main character is a door mat in the beginning but the story is about her growing to stand up for herself. However, this means she's a little frustrating in the beginning. But if I change that, her journey becomes less powerful. Hard to know what to do, isn't it? :-)

  9. Hi, I can't quite recall how I stumbled upon your weblog, but here I am and really interested in the question you ask here. I'm so tired of all the kick-ass heroines out there. I'd love to see one who was feminine, shy, sensitive, uncertain. Not pathetic like Bella, but simply gentle and quiet. It would be nice to see that portrayed as a good thing, even a strong thing.


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