Monday, December 5, 2011

Birth of a Novel Week 6

On the last day of November, and the end of Nanowrimo, I read my new wip. It weighed in at 30K words and is about half way finished.

Now I just need to finish the story. This is where it gets sticky. I have the final chapter in my head (as a matter of fact, I wrote the last chapter Saturday.) Now just to connect that last chapter with the rest of the book.

The hard part is I want to go back and rewrite already. This is my week to post over on Unicorn Bell, and I did some research on Voice. I probably learned more than what I manage to relate in the post. I also read a book this weekend that was a great example of what I had learned.

I kept those things in mind as I wrote the last chapter, and you know what? It was so much better! For some reason, learning about developing character voice made something click in my head and suddenly I understood how to get deeper into my characters POV. And now I want to put my idea into practice.

So, what do you think? Should I try to slog through and finish the story first, or allow myself to go back and 'fix' the first half before continuing?