Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Interview, Pictures, Travel Update and DragonCon

I forgot! I'm also being interviewed over at The Valentines today. This is a new blog of 14 YA authors whose books will be coming out in 2014. On Tuesday's they post author interviews and rave over books they like. Friday's are dedicated to Cupid's Arrows. You just have to go read what that is to understand how awesome and fun it is.

Now, I'm not going to gush about how wonderful my weekend was, but just know it makes it to my top 5 best weekends EVER!

Here are some pics to sum it up.

Simple set up, gift basket and bookmarks to give away.
table photo feb222013178_zps6907816d.jpg
Look how crowded it was! You can't see me, but I'm in that back corner behind the three teens. Everyone visited, ate yummies, laughed, and generally had a great time.
Having fun mingling. photo feb222013197_zpsb83e4700.jpg
I sat and signed books for most of the two hours with great conversations along the way. It was wonderful to see so many of my favorite people.
Miranda photo feb222013192_zps6a6ed188.jpg
When it was all over, I sat and visited a while longer with some dear friends. And, I sold all but 3 of the books I purchased for the occasion.

Special thanks to Laura who picked me up from the airport, stayed up way past her bedtime, drove me around the next day, fed me, and then woke up at O'dark hundred to send me home.
Laura photo feb222013209_zps26cd7eaa.jpg

I have tons of other pictures. If you want to see the food, and pics of me with almost everyone who came (you know you do), you can see them Here.

See, I'm getting better about giving you options regarding my over sharing. :)

I have two signings and a craft fair on the schedule--1 for each of the next three months. Last night I also got the crazy idea that I should try and get a table at DragonCon this fall in Atlanta. That would be so AWESOME! However, I feel way out of my league just looking at the webpage, BUT that's the league I eventually want to fit in. Yeah, I know how to dream BIG. But going there could help me get that movie deal, right??

I probably won't pursue it this year, but I will do it one day. It's all planned out in my head: books, violet contact lenses, kickin' Talia costume custom made...

Would you ever try something as big as DragonCon? I might need a partner to sit with me. :) Two people allowed per 6 foot table.