Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Release Day Follow Up and Smashing Cars

What a fun day I had yesterday!

First I went to the post office to mail 6 copies of my book. There were: 3 paid orders, 2 for the Goodreads giveaway, and 1 ARC for a reviewer. I almost died when I found out how much it was going to cost to mail them. It was almost $8 a piece! Which meant I was losing money. I looked at the lady and said, "It's just a book!"

"Oh, well then you can send it as media."

*sigh of relief* That was only $2.88 a piece. So, if you're mailing books, get the media rate. Don't know why I didn't know this...

Next, I went to lunch with some new friends. I thought it was just a friendly We want to get to know you better kind of lunch. Which it was. However, my host had ulterior motives. As the five of us sat around the table she turned to me and said, "Tell us everything about your book."

For the next two hours we chatted and laughed about all kinds of things. It felt like I was sitting on The View or something being interviewed about my book. That was probably the coolest thing to do on my release day. They were excited about the fact I set a goal for myself and then worked until I achieved it.

We talked about loads of other things too, such as the conversation that went sort of like this:

Me: I used to have these weird urges to crash into the cars parked on the side of the road or get a monster truck to drive over them, but not any more.

Friend: No, now she just kills people.

Me: It's strangely therapeutic.

Ah, these new people get me so well. :)

Later that night we went to dinner as a family. I had planned on just ordering pizza, but hubby said we needed to actually go somewhere. He was right. It was much more fun and "official" leaving the house. The best part was we laughed and acted crazy just like we would at home.

Our waiter was wonderful with our silly antics and joined right in. In fact, he also made a comment about how I must be mildly violent because I ordered the squash and mashed potatoes. Do you think I have a problem?

We all ordered something with changes to the menu, we swapped food, we told our lame jokes and laughed until we couldn't breathe. We ate until we thought we would be sick. Then we came home to this nice surprise.
 Hubby came home and decorated while I had little guy at taekwondo. Some of you may remember my "bubble popper" comment in regards to hubby. That made this treat all the more wonderful to me. He's NOT a bubble popper now.
I wore purple all day of course and one of Talia's necklaces. (This is the one review copy I have with the darker cover. I still need to grab an official copy for myself!)

After everyone gave helium talking a try (I know, bad parenting moment of the month) we ate ice cream cake and sent everyone to bed. That's when I logged on to check email, posts, etc. I found this on Facebook.
My friend Kathy's books showed up on her doorstep yesterday! She bought a book for herself and one to share. How cool is that?!