Thursday, June 11, 2015

Birth of a Novel Summer 2015

I haven't pulled this out in quite a while. 
Anyone want to join me?
  • Every Friday you post a quick update on how you're doing on your writing projects. 
  • It can be combined with Camp Nano or whatever personal goals you've set. 
  • All you need is a line or two added to the beginning or end of whatever post you already had planned for the day.
  • Then visit the others in the list to encourage them to keep moving forward. 

I'll start with a quick note today.

This summer I'll work on two WIPS: the third book in Talia's series (Demon Rising) and a YA space opera currently nicknamed Eleena's Tale. I've added word counters at the top of my sidebar. Hopefully the need to see the bar fill up will keep me moving forward.

Today's stats:
Demon Rising--5475 words
Eleena's Tale--2119 words

DR will be my writing time novel. ET will be my pool novel. I'd like to get around 500 words a day on each, but since my kids are home I won't beat myself up over it. Truth is I'll probably take turns writing on them on different days. Listen to whoever's speaking the loudest.

What are you working on? How are you going to accomplish your goal?

Sign up if you'd like to join us! Feel free to post the list on your blog on post day. Simply add < to the beginning of the below code and > to the end. 

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